About Bud

G.W. "Bud" McCoig is a life-long Jefferson County resident, McCoig has devoted his entire career to local law enforcement. He started out in police work in 1975 with the Town of Dandridge and joined the sheriff's department in 1980. He worked for the sheriff's department for over 37 years, rising to the posts of chief deputy, chief of detectives and was elected Sheriff in 2010.

"I consider it an honor to have served the people of Jefferson County, and I hope they will allow me to continue to work for them as their sheriff," said McCoig. "I have several goals I've been talking about in my campaign, but the main idea is for us to stop crime before it happens."

McCoig is a graduate of the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia. As an investigator, he has worked closely with the Fourth Judicial District Drug Task Force, as well as the FBI, TBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, East Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force, and other arms of law enforcement. He also participated in the new drug court system designed to help defendants break addictions and avoid further criminal records.

"We have to do more to stop the cycle of drug abuse and crime," said McCoig. "I work closely with all agencies in the war on drugs."

McCoig has enlarged the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in local schools. DARE was only in two schools," Sheriff McCoig has, placed DARE in all Middle Schools It's very effective in giving kids the tools they need to resist drugs and other problems."

Dedicated patrols in local neighborhoods are another way McCoig has stopped crime before it occurs. The concept is known as "community policing." "We need to make sure there is a regular police presence in our neighborhoods," he said. "If we're more pro-active, we can stop a lot of crimes before they happen, instead of just waiting to solve them after the damage is done."

McCoig comes from a family known for its volunteerism and community work. His dad, Garland McCoig, was head of both the Dandridge Volunteer Fire Department and the Jefferson County Rescue Squad for many years. Bud grew up volunteering with both.

"My Dad taught me the value of giving to your community a long time ago," he said. "His example is one of the big reasons that I decided to run for sheriff. I appreciate the good community we have here in Jefferson County, and I want to help keep it that way." 

McCoig, who is known as Poppy to his grandchildren, lives in Dandridge with his wife Joan.

"I'm spending as much time as I can talking to people in the community, getting their ideas and asking for their support," he said, adding that he welcomes input from any citizen.